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  1. February Update

    (February 19, 2007)
    Last month (January) I sold about half of my old HO wares at the Golden Empire Historic and Modeling Society (GEHAMS) swap meet in Bakersfield, CA, about 110 miles north. People gobbled up my containers! I also met some great people there and was glad to know the remnants of my HO layout will be in good hands. There also was this dude who wanted to low-ball me for my entire collection. Hell no! I don't wanna see my stuff at his table in a future swapmeet sold for 3x the ...
  2. A Layout Is Born!

    November 3, 2006

    I'm proud to announce the first section of
    benchwork has been built for my first N scale layout!

    Pardon the clutter underneath. Half of it is my
    bass rig/guitar and keyboard cases (I'm a
    musician), the rest are my old HO equipment
    packed in boxes and storage bins (ready to get sold!)

    It will be a 4x8' with two 4x4' sections ...