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Foothills Adventures

This blog is to give you an insight to the goings on behind the scenes of my Foothill Rails website. The adventures of railfanning in Northern California and beyond for the purpose of expanding my site, the research, the inspirations and the frustrations, and the wonderful people who I get to meet. Also new ideas and any other thoughts that may arise.
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  1. Broke The Car But Got The Pics

    My Saturday plans were to visit my friend in Reno. Her schedule kept her at work till 3pm so what was I to do? Can you say train trip?

    Left Auburn bright and early and headed over Donner. First stop up was Truckee for fuel and to check out the little collection over at the balloon track. Nothing new of note so north I headed to Quincy.

    I had three main goals for the trip and upon arrival in Quincy, my first one was out waiting for me. QRR #5. The last one I needed ...
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