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Foothills Adventures

This blog is to give you an insight to the goings on behind the scenes of my Foothill Rails website. The adventures of railfanning in Northern California and beyond for the purpose of expanding my site, the research, the inspirations and the frustrations, and the wonderful people who I get to meet. Also new ideas and any other thoughts that may arise.
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  1. One Hunt Ends!

    I never really know from month to month what the updates to Foothill Rails will consist of. Sometimes an email comes in with info or photos, sometimes it is purchases made at a show or online, and sometimes it is just good old in the field train hunting or perhaps a combo of all of these. Sure keeps things interesting.

    First up is the developement near Placerville that Bev Cola is selling off her private collection of narrow guage equipment. Recently her ex West Side Lumber Plymouth ...
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  2. Bridge Re-Dedicated and a Caboose

    Up first this morning was a trip to Nevada City. Dave Braun recently passed away and his ex West Side/Swayne Lumber caboose is now at the railroad museum. Definately gonna take some work but plans are to restore her to the as built Swayne Lumber condition. Also caught the guys having some fun in the shop building a soapbox derby car.

    The Nevada Co Traction hasn't run in awhile and while visiting the area, I was able to give it a onceover as well. Re-shot all the motive power. Seems ...
  3. Turkey Day Ferroequinearcheology

    While working on a new project concerning the NCNG yesterday, I spotted something odd on my topo map. Near the Rollins Lake dam and its spillway appeared to be a cut.

    Well I knew there was a large cut just before the NCNG crossed its huge Bear River bridge and that this bridge was right about where the new dam sits. Couldn't resist since its only about 15 minutes from my place.

    Upon waking up this morning, I found my way to the lake and walked around to the dam from ...
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  4. I killed the first battery!

    I did it! I killed the first battery for my new camera within 3 weeks! :D

    With the last few trips I've blogged about plus spending yesterday exploring the Nevada Co Narrow Guage and this morning spent back down in the canyon by my house shooting pics of the Mountain Quarries, I burned up my first battery. I can't even download the pics from my camera to share here. :D

    With all the talk about the Southern Pacific remains in the bottom of Shasta Lake, the Swayne and ...
  5. The NCNG; what to do?

    The Nevada County Narrow Guage has never been one of my favorites. I can't explain why but I'm just not much of a fan. However, it is in the Foothills and is only 15 minutes away. What do I do about it? It frustrates me. I don't want to cover it since there is so much out there already but there it sits, in my backyard, begging for me to explore whats left.

    Inspiration, a demolition derby at the Grass Valley fair.

    Now I have already taken quite a few photos in Colfax ...
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