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Foothills Adventures

This blog is to give you an insight to the goings on behind the scenes of my Foothill Rails website. The adventures of railfanning in Northern California and beyond for the purpose of expanding my site, the research, the inspirations and the frustrations, and the wonderful people who I get to meet. Also new ideas and any other thoughts that may arise.
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  1. Train museum facing derailment?

    Train museum facing derailment?
    City officials say they don’t intend to ‘displace’ rail group

    By Don Chaddock Telegraph Managing Editor

    Don Chaddock / The Telegraph

    Bill Anderson, president of the Folsom, El Dorado, Sacramento Historic Railroad Association, walks through the Folsom Railroad Museum he helps staff. The museum, housed in a passenger car, is slated to be moved from ...
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  2. Trespassing & Charming Little Old Ladies

    I don't know if I'd really call it trespassing but I'll get to that in a minute.

    I awoke to a beautiful sunshiny day and decided I needed to go for a drive. It was one of those, point the car and see where you end up, trips.

    First stop turned out to be the wye at Folsom to see if I might get a shot of the ex Pactiv 25ton unit they just got. Didn't figure I could and nope, nothing had moved since my last time there.

    Well, what else? Oh yeah, one of the ...
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  3. Idled locomotive to find new life on historic line

    Idled locomotive to find new life on historic line
    By CHIP THOMPSON -DN Editor Red Bluff Daily News

    Volunteers with the Folsom, El Dorado and Sacramento Historical Railroad Association got an early Christmas gift Friday when they came to Red Bluff to take delivery of a 64-year-old switching locomotive.

    While the rusty hulk may seem closer to a lump of coal than a shiny bauble, it's just ...
  4. Return to Folsom

    This weekend wasn't supposed to include any trips or anything else bloggable for that matter. However, I did get away from my job tending the brush fire in the backyard for a bit.

    Awhile back, I was emailed that the YSLR #1233 and #50 had been put back on display at the Woodland,CA depot.

    By chance, my buddy Jeff had to go pick up his demolition derby car trailer from another friend in Woodland Saturday and needed a hand.

    Well I couldn't pass up the ...
  5. Handful Of Firsts

    For the first time in years Folsom Lake is low enough to expose alot of interesting historical items. For the first time ever, I now have a digital camera. For the first time, I have pics to go with my blog. :D

    After working on and cleaning the car this morning, and a new haircut, I decided to make the plunge into digital. I got a real nice little Kodak and decided I'd better go play with it.

    As mentioned above, Folsom Lake is at all time lows exposing huge areas usually ...
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  6. Change Chugging Into Folsom

    Change chugging into Folsom
    Historic railroad-tract development to proceed

    By Roger Phelps The Telegraph

    An artist's rendition conveys the feel expected for Folsom's coming Perspective Plaza, to be developed next to new buildings in the city's historic railroad area at the foot of Sutter Street.

    A never-been-speedy Railroad Block Project is picking up steam ...
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  7. Folsom Valley Ry news...

    Running out of steam
    End of the line for Folsom's favorite little train?
    By Jim Ratajczak, The Telegraph

    Even with an estimated 300,000 trips around Folsom City Lions Park since the early 90s, new fees might turn the Folsom Valley Railway’s miniature train into the little engine that couldn’t.

    “The city has asked for a rent increase of $8,000 to $10,000 or more,” said Terry Gold, operator of the 2 ˝-inch-to-a-foot scale 1949 Atlantic 442 steam engine. ...
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