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The Flimsy Fanatic

Train orders, N scale, other model railroading. Whatever else strikes my fancy concerning the various railroading hobbies.


  1. Spokane, Portland and Seattle RY

    It's been a while since my last entry. I've uploaded my SP&S train order collection. Also in that same TOUR section are what I have from the Oregon Trunk RY, and the Oregon Electric RY.
  2. After a pause, some new stuff....

    Been a while since my last update. I have added several railroads to my web site TOUR:

    Ann Arbor RR

    Delaware & Hudson RR/RY

    Rutland RY/RR

    Plus a batch of smaller companies, which can be seen here:

  3. For the Frisco fans

    On my web site are paper examples from SL-SF subsidiaries:

    Alabama, Tennesee and Northern RR
    Current River RR
    Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis RR
    Quanah, Acme & Pacific RY and click on "TOUR"

  4. Old days on the Northern Pacific

  5. New Haven predecessors

    Several news ones uploaded, following a conversation in the New York, New Haven & Hartford Fallen Flag Forum here.

    Central New England & Western Raiload;

    Central New England Railway;

    Philadelphia, Reading & New England Railroad

  6. This time I visit depots

    I've created a page with some of my recent years depot photos, taken in Washington, Idaho and Montana. BN, GN, MILW, NP, UP: Click on "Assorted Depots"

  7. Chicago & North Western, out west

    Well, as I was on the US east coast last time and did the C&NW there, thought I'd do some C&NW back west of the Mississippi River. This time it's Chicago & North Western Railway stations in the Dakotas.

  8. There was more than one CNW...

    Indeed. These initials almost always bring into mind "Chicago & North Western" to the majority of fans. But there were actually others. California Northwestern was one. And also the Carolina and Northwestern yet another. I'd not be surprised to learn there were others....

    These two companies now on my web site to explore:

  9. "D" stands for "Denver"

    Uploaded a couple more to my web site tonight. Both companies which have "Denver" in their company names;

    Denver, Northwestern and Pacific RY;

    The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.

  10. From Nineteen-Oh-Nine, to Canada, to Central America

    A few more additions to my TOUR pages. Scattered all over the maps this time.

    New are entries from the Tela Railroad of Honduras, Temiscouata Railway in Canada, plus US operations both dated 1909 from Texas Central RR and fabled Yosemite Valley Railroad.

  11. Today I play with the letter "K"

    I've just uploaded four additional entries to my TOUR pages. All small companies with the name Kansas City in their title.


    Updated September 13th, 2011 at 09:17 PM by BoxcabE50

  12. Down under, then back to the woods and more...

    Added more today to my web site:

    Two small 'touristy' operations in Australia: Limestone Coast RY and The Silverton Tramway Co Ltd.

    Plus Northampton & Bath RY in Pennsylvania.

    Then added three more operations to my Forest Products Railroading in the Western US= OC&E, O&NW, Sumpter Valley.

    Take a look! :tb-biggrin:
  13. Over to the far western...

    ...coast of Canada for a stop in British Columbia. A new page is up on my site now. The Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Thanks to Mark Watson for helping me via stitching of scans from some long paged forms! to take a look.

  14. Taking a brief break from....

    Scanning of my Pacific Great Eastern RY flimsies. I have put up a couple of small files today.

    One is from a little remembered Utah interurban- The Odgen, Logan & Idaho Railway.

    The other was a noted California narrow gauge operation, the Pacific Coast Railway. to take a look.

  15. Backtracking a little...

    Due to some added interest, I am slowly going back through my Chicago Great Western RY page. Originally I had mostly just included a nice, representative example. Now I am putting up the complete sets, so a few folks who asked can see all the information. Click on "TOUR" below to see this updated, under construction CGW page:


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