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The Flimsy Fanatic

Train orders, N scale, other model railroading. Whatever else strikes my fancy concerning the various railroading hobbies.


  1. Into the Idaho Panhandle, on the Camas Prairie Railroad

    Yikes. A year since my last post.

    Anyhow, at long last I'm adding another page. Here are my Camas Prairie Railroad train orders:

  2. Boston & Maine RR additions

    I have just finished completely updating my B&M train orders web page, with more paper added:

  3. After a pause, some new stuff....

    Been a while since my last update. I have added several railroads to my web site TOUR:

    Ann Arbor RR

    Delaware & Hudson RR/RY

    Rutland RY/RR

    Plus a batch of smaller companies, which can be seen here:

  4. For the Frisco fans

    On my web site are paper examples from SL-SF subsidiaries:

    Alabama, Tennesee and Northern RR
    Current River RR
    Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis RR
    Quanah, Acme & Pacific RY and click on "TOUR"

  5. Old days on the Northern Pacific

  6. Espee Papers (Southern Pacific)- Slowly getting started

    Earlier this past week, I had a former Southern Pacific operator contact me about train orders. He and several other family members had at one time been employed as agents and or operators on the Los Angeles Division. After scouring through my collection, I came up with some of interest, including a few he and family had copied. It's always a lot of of fun exchanging emails and learning employment history. Sometimes they can have somequite fascinating tales to tell.

    Anyhow, I've created ...
  7. New Haven predecessors

    Several news ones uploaded, following a conversation in the New York, New Haven & Hartford Fallen Flag Forum here.

    Central New England & Western Raiload;

    Central New England Railway;

    Philadelphia, Reading & New England Railroad

  8. This time I visit depots

    I've created a page with some of my recent years depot photos, taken in Washington, Idaho and Montana. BN, GN, MILW, NP, UP: Click on "Assorted Depots"

  9. Milwaukee Road memories

    I have uploaded some views of depots to my web site:

    Look in the "Assorted Depots" section.

    These were all taken in the past few years, in western Montana and Washington. Much has changed. Views are now partly obscured by trees, brush, other buildings and refuse. But at least they survive. Some poignant memories stirred after all the years now gone by.
  10. There was more than one CNW...

    Indeed. These initials almost always bring into mind "Chicago & North Western" to the majority of fans. But there were actually others. California Northwestern was one. And also the Carolina and Northwestern yet another. I'd not be surprised to learn there were others....

    These two companies now on my web site to explore:

  11. "D" stands for "Denver"

    Uploaded a couple more to my web site tonight. Both companies which have "Denver" in their company names;

    Denver, Northwestern and Pacific RY;

    The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.

  12. Back in the NE USA

    With new pages for several railroads: Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville; Narragansett Pier RR; New York Central & Hudson River plus a page for the New York & New England RR.

    Many more to come from that region.... :tb-biggrin:
  13. From Nineteen-Oh-Nine, to Canada, to Central America

    A few more additions to my TOUR pages. Scattered all over the maps this time.

    New are entries from the Tela Railroad of Honduras, Temiscouata Railway in Canada, plus US operations both dated 1909 from Texas Central RR and fabled Yosemite Valley Railroad.

  14. Recent railfanning

    Added a few photos from the past and also some from a brief just this past weekend. BNSF, BN, Mission Mountain RR, MRL.

    Check them on my web site:

  15. North of The Bay (SP fans?) to Redwood Country

    San Francisco and the various Bays, that is...

    This time Southern Pacific fans might-enjoy the trip. Uploaded now is my Northwestern Pacific Railroad assortment of flimsies. So, here you are, Espee followers:

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