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  1. Jim Wiggin's Avatar
    Nah lol, Jess was holding it for me in that first picture. Since the Northern Line is a bike path, I got a lot of biking done. A retired gentleman has painstakingly painted all the concrete mile post markers on the former ROW.
  2. Gats's Avatar
    But some bugger is stealing your bike!
  3. Jim Wiggin's Avatar
    Thanks Jim, This is just down the road from where I grew up. Small towns are so much better than cities!
  4. nscalerone's Avatar
    This looks like a GREAT place to model...........AND, a little town I wouldn't mind living in. lol
    (I grew up in a small town on the Nebraska prairie, and I miss it so.)
  5. Jim Wiggin's Avatar
    Morgan, glad you liked the display Bill and I did. Sorry I missed you too, I actually did not get to see the show as much as I wanted, maybe next year we'll have a TB get together. Good luck with your train show, it will be hard but you maybe surprised at the support and feedback. Keep me posted on your progress of this show your working on.
  6. Jim Wiggin's Avatar
    Thanks Chris, if your ever in the area you should really look at Galesburg. It has changed a lot and the upcomming RR Days show is a lot of fun, probably my favorite show.

    Friscokie, glad to see you pop in, sorry I have not reached you, I'll be in Illinois in June, maybe we can do lunch.
  7. Friscokie's Avatar
    It looks like you're having a great time exploring and documenting favorite rail history, Jim. Sure is beautiful country from what I see.
  8. chrispalmberg's Avatar
    Wow... my mom & sisters and I went to visit the Galesburg Railroad Days when I was about 9 or so. I hadn't thought about it in a couple decades. Other than remembering that BN & Amtrak both had a couple engines on site for tours, the only thing I can really remember is my mom buying all three of us matching green T-shirts with the Burlington Northern Fallen Flag family on it (i.e. logos from all of the roads absorbed to make the BN.)

    It was the outfit of choice (well, WE had no choice) whenever we went to a crowded location like a museum or zoo for about 2 years due to the high visibility and easy recognition factors, which apparently made things easier on Mom.
  9. Stourbridge Lion's Avatar
    :D Look forward to reading more :D
  10. jimmygolds's Avatar
    i feel your pain my friend,i've been going through a divorse for the past year and a half, lawyers are milking me dry ,i've haven't posted here or touched my railroad in that time,but like you ,i'm back,and it looks like i'm gonna be keeping my house and that means my railroad as well!!!
  11. MP333's Avatar
    Great post, good to see you in the seat again!
  12. gregamer's Avatar
    Welcom back.
  13. Flash Blackman's Avatar
    "In the black" is a good place to be. Welcome back to TB. Hope to see some more airbrush projects soon.
  14. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Sad but true--that last statement is so true. We have a huge show in Great Falls every year, during the State Fair. Well, the layout's don't change much, but thousands of folks walk into the train room. I take the week of the Fair off of work, so I can run trains! It seems like pulling teeth to get club members to contribute to the fair running. We run the layouts the entire Fair, 7 days, 10 AM -11PM. It takes lots of dedicated folks to run during the fair, and a small core of us do the bulk of it. That and prep work for the Fair. At any rate, this was a cool blog, and great pics, too!
  15. Jim Wiggin's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys. As anyone will know who reads my blogs will tell you, I love G/Jeeps! Yeah Hemi, as much as I dislike minivans, the only one I considered was the Dodge. They work for everyone else, I just think my it knew I wanted a Jeep I'll be back posting on a local train show this weekend!
  16. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Wow, a Jeep (Geep?) to a minivan to another Jeep? At least you kept the Mopar flag flying!
    Nice pics!
  17. Flash Blackman's Avatar
    Speaking of airplanes, etc....There is a guy here in San Antonio who has modeled RC cars and planes, made plank on plank wooden ships, styrene ships, IPMS, and all phases of model railroading. He seems to know more techniques than most of us. The IPMS armor guys make the most fantastic still scenes; RC has a lot of exotic composites; etc. You can learn a lot in these other hobbies that make you a better model railroader. My two cents, there. Welcome back; I look forward to your posts.
  18. MP333's Avatar
    Nice looking Geeps!
  19. Stourbridge Lion's Avatar
    He's Back!!!!!!! :D :D
  20. Flash Blackman's Avatar
    Thanks, again, Jim. I had to go over the part about gloss for decals. I am really glad this blog is still here. Also, I am impressed by all of your topics. I am going to have to read all of these!
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