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My ramblings of model railroading, railfanning and life in general.

  1. I'm Coming Home.

    Greetings once again fellow foamers and train nuts! It once again has been awhile since my last update to this blog and once again it is packed with updates, so put on a pot of coffee and get ready for all things trains. Ok, maybe not that long, but at least get a cup of coffee. Where to begin? Since that last post in March I have: moved back home to East Central Illinois, moved in with my sweat heart Angela and ...
  2. Carry On My Wayward Son.

    Greetings fellow foamers, train nuts and lovers of all things from the line! Were only a few months into 2012 and it is already busy for most of us, and I'm no exception! I survived the Springfield MA show and had a great weekend "hunting" for the specials and the items I need to get the layout beyond the stage of pink foam. The two day show was just as good as it always is and plenty of deals could be ...
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  3. Modeling by the Prototype, or How Fate Progressed a Layout.

    Greetings fellow Train Buffs, Railroad Lovers and Foamers! Well it sure has been a while since your author has sat down and committed himself to the keyboard and keep my loyal followers (all two of you) as to the goings on in my world. It goes without saying, it has been busy since my last update. Since Galesburg, I have visited home once again, had Angela, Shelby and Jared spend their vacation with ...

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  4. The Winds of Change

    A new BNSF consist pull a Westbound into Chillicothe Illinois.

    Greatings fellow railfans and foamers! How appropriate to have a title such as this as we go through the upgrade here at trainboard! One thing in life that is constant, besides death and taxes, is change. Like it or not, change happens. Some of it for good, some, not so good. How we not only accept it but use it, is entirely up to us. That is
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  5. Walking down the branch line

    Walking down the branch line

    Wide angle of Northern line in Franklin NH with concrete retaining wall on right. This shot is taken a few paces north of the overpass and creek.

    Greetings fellow Rail Junkies, Foamers and Modelers! As I write this, the birds are singing and the promise of warmer days is in the air. After the long winter and somewhat disappointing spring many of us have had, it's ...
  6. Where you been Range Rider?

    "Where you been Range Rider?"

    Yes I'm back, but the view has changed.

    Greetings fellow rail junkies! It has been a while since my last entry, but as I warned in the last update, the times, they are a changing. I know my blog headings are usually a song related one but I couldn't think of one today. A recent trip to my DVD collection reminded me of an old episode of the A-Team and ...
  7. The Missing Link

    The Missing Link

    This bridge abutment hides the keys to todays mystery

    Greeting Fellow Rail Junkies! A lot has happened since my last post on the development of my N scale B&M layout. As I've said before, countless times, life comes at you fast. Last month I was offered a position at a hobby company on the east coast. Where you ask? All in due time my friends. This interview was to take ...
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  8. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

    Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

    Boston & Maine #1715, a GP9 from the 1957 order, sits on the branch while it's crew "goes to beans."

    Greetings fellow rail junkies! It feels good to be active again on TrainBoard and catching up with all that I have missed out. Even though I have been unemployed since late September, I have been busy none the less! ...
  9. Back in Black.

    Back in Black
    It's been awhile but I'm finally Back.

    I can't believe it has been almost two years since I posted here. Since I last posted, a lot has gone on in my life that has kept me from here and trains in general. Where to start?

    The new Jess is now a WK not a TJ.

    First as many of ...
  10. Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy N-Trak!

    The MWC held their 31st train show last weekend, text has details.

    Greetings and Happy Easter fellow rail junkies! I hope you are having a fine Easter, I'll keep my pastels limited to NYC Jade and Rock Island Blue this year! I hope it is a bit warmer where you are, it's just a bit over 29 degrees here in east central IL, with a chance of snow. Yuck. I don't know about you, but for me and my club, Spring ...
  11. The Long and Short Line of it.

    I've been away, but I still did some railfanning

    Greetings fellow railfans, foamers and model railroad fans! It has been a long time since I have posted here. I last posted here during Galesburg RR Days and since then a lot has changed! My new employer has me busy traveling throughout this great land flying model airplanes and yes building them too. This has taken a lot of time away from railroad. Another ...
  12. Going to Galesburg? Here is your information!

    Every year, a mass pilgramage of Railfans come to the small town of Galesburg IL. Find out why here.

    WARNING! The following Blog Entry is both long and informative!

    Greetings fellow railheads, train junkies and modelers! It is finally June, my favorite time of year. A time of year for railfanning, grilling and Galesburg RR Days. Galesburg RR Days has become the premiere railroad show ...

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  13. Please excuse our mess, we are still unpacking!

    It is starting to look like a workshop now.

    Greetings once again loyal train fans! Thanks for stopping by and seeing the latest developments in my corner of cyberspace. Well as you can see, I have most of the new JTW shop up and unpacked, if not organized. I spent the better part of Saturday getting everything unpacked and put away. It is still a long way from being as organized as my post "A place ...
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  14. What's your motivation?

    It's 1957 on John Columbo's NKP. Note the transition here, steam and diesel share quarters, but not for long.

    Greetings fellow train fanatics, its time for another installment of Jim's Blog! I'll start with a simple question. What's your motivation? You know how we sometimes walk away from our layout and somehow the intrest is gone? We persue fishing, grilling, working on the outdoor items. Well some ...
  15. Spring time plans.

    Spring is in the air in Central IL, and trains are a bloomin'!

    Ah the grass is turning green, the weather is warmer and the days are getting longer. Spring is now here in Central IL, albeit somewhat late. It is usally this time of year we all emerge from our railroad room, covered with sawdust from benchwork, small solder burns from wireing DCC and hands stained with ground foam and paint. Like the famous ...
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