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  1. The age of rebuilds: a different way to protolance

    I suggest that the early 21st century is a new dawn in variety on the railroads.
    Now granted, you aren't to see too much variety on high priority mainline freights. Modern wide cab 4000+ HP is going to dominate with AC pushing DC out quickly.

    But, once you get past that, it is a new day in alternate manufacturers, alternate designs and rebuilds both in house and from the manufacturers.

    Gensets are of course the obvious story, but EMD is making some headway with ...
  2. WV #2502 on NWP

    Quote Originally Posted by John Barnhill View Post
    Willamette Valley #2502 powered the first train on the NWP in eight years. Check out Christian Goepel's NWP Blog for pics and further story. :D

    Is the yard at Schleville those 2 tracks that had various MOW and an SD9 and occasionally an F unit on them near the station at the highway?

    That's some seriously overgrown track.
  3. Pelle Soeberg

    Quote Originally Posted by CSXDixieLine View Post
    Don't forget Pelle models the Tehachapi areas of central California which are in fact predominately dry yellows while Joe models central Oregon which is predominately lush greens. Both great model railroads IMO. I am hoping I can get just a bit of their talent to rub off me by immersing myself in their education materials. Jamie
    Actually, he models Mojave which is the southern end of Tehachapi and Donner Pass which is much further north in the Sierras.

    It's the Donner ...
  4. GAH!!!

    Well, I got the mainline loop powered and running. I was running trains around it with and unpowered Athearn GP-38-2 leading. It skipped over a frog and went straight to the floor 60+" below.

    Now, if this had been N-scale, the loco would have been pulverized. With H.O. the number 5s and the clips holding them went flying and the body popped off, the DB insert popped off, but nothing broke. It all went right back together.

    Still, some engines are skipping ...
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  5. Gah

    Autoracks still flakey. This is ridiculous. They should work on a 4% grade. I think I'm gonna muff a little low on the NMRA couple heigh standard and see if I can get them reliable. Otherwise I'll devise an alternate means of coupling.
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  6. On Lighting


    I went to the San Diego Model Railroad museum today and it just reminded me of my biggest pet peeve about Model Railroading. Lighting!!!!

    GAH, 90% of the model railroad photos I've seen are horribly lit and even if they have enough light, they're so far into the yellow spectrum that pictures look horrid. The only shots I see that look right are taken outdoors.
    In my garage, I replaced all the bulbs with GE daylight 6500K bulbs and It's made a huge ...
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  7. So let's get this thing started

    Welcome to my Blog Uh, I'll explain more about my little Empire later as I think about it, but right now I just want to type what happened this weekend.

    Well, I got a lot of work done this weekend, even corrected a problem with my 4% grades and the Autorack cars. Track is down for the entire mainline and the semi hidden staging.
    Tomorrow, Time permitting I'm going to get the mainline wired up and run a train under it's own power.

    I think I need to spend time ...
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