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2009 Layout Construction

Construction of my 2009 version of the BN 11th Sub-Division between Manilla and Bayard, Iowa.

  1. And another year passes...

    Well, it's been over 12 months since I last posted to the blog and a bit has occurred on the layout.
    Coon Rapids, Templeton, Manning (less the AGP facility tracks) and the front portion Manilla, the yard, experienced extensive, ongoing pre-scenery testing with great results.
    The rear portion of Manilla is still to be installed when the re-supply of Atlas flex settles. The Blue Point turnout controls that were on the four turnouts in the yard have made way for small 9g servos controlled ...
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  2. Second Annual International (Winter) Layout Party

    Yes, it's commenced and there's a growing lineup of talent itching to get to work over the Holiday break. You may have noted I placed Winter in brackets in the title - it's not exactly cold this time of the year in Oz or over the small pond in Kiwiland.

    This year's effort for myself is to lay the roadbed and track into Manilla Yard and Coon Rapids. The curved points from Atlas haven't materialised so the main will be laid to the same radius and the turnouts cut in when they (if) arrive. ...
  3. I've got the blues...

    Saturday afternoon - after a 5 year old's birthday party, a quick drop into the local Bunnings (Home Depot equivalent for our cousins across the pond) to pick up a handful of blue shade sample swatches.

    Sunday morning - friend Pat drops over with a handful of Pantone sample cards (he's in the printing business), a few books and a desire to get cracking with the layout (am I wrong to feel the Colonel and Pat are vicariously living their layout building lives through me?). So the swatches ...

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  4. Then there was March, then April, May, June...

    Nothing occurred. Far too much other work to be done, both home and career, and the ball was dropped layout-wise to say the least. Late June saw the gaps and screw holes filled, though.

    It took a ribbing via Facebook by my other half and the Colonel to get me into gear and finish the sanding and put the undercoat on the backdrop.

    Manilla yard and Manning section prepped for paint..

  5. Forward to 2009...

    Christmas and New Year saw the usual running around and the descending hordes from Queensland fairly well blow the first 2 weeks of leave. Week 3 just happened to coincide with the First International Winter Layout Party in full flight and gave the inspiration to satrt on the benchwork.

    This time, the layout was ...

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  6. Dismantling the layout

    Whilst doing protracted testing of the track work (my excuse!) we decided to sell and move further west to Leonay.
    We chose a 4 bedroom home with study which provided family bedrooms, a guest room, a computer/sewing room (study) and a spare bedroom earmarked as the layout room.
    With the dismantling of the 2008 layout prior to the move, and measuring the future room for fit (layout would fit but the workbench wouldn't as well and no more real estate could be negotiated) the decision was ...
  7. Building of the first rendition

    Construction was recycled L girders from a previous layout with 3x1 and 2x1 risers under a 9mm MDF base cut cookie style where applicable. 3mm cork roadbed was added to this for track laying.

    Looking across from the end of Manilla yard to Manning.

    Looking across to the opposite end of Manilla yard over Coon ...
  8. History

    This first blog entry is to provide some background to the 2009 layout build.
    The first rendition of this was under construction (and extended testing ) at our last home, where it was located in a converted garage. It was based on the May '93 'A Railroad You Can Model' article in Model Railroader on BN's 11th Sub-Division between Omaha and Perry (as though the track still exisited between Bayard and Perry) in Iowa.


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