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  1. MP333's Avatar
    Wow, those look great, love the barn!

    Me too, trying to move as much beyond kits as I can. Been saving up lots of architectural things.
  2. traius's Avatar
    Interesting read! I'd like to know a bit more about your wiring for the auto reverse loop thingie.
  3. Primavw's Avatar
    I've thought about it... to be honest, i assumed the decks were ballasted, but i suppose some research is in order.

    on another note, I read in a recent thread about using colored pencils to add to the detailing process... so tonight I used white and black to"gently" add to the masonry weathering... pics to come...
  4. gregamer's Avatar
    It looks real nice. Will you ballast the deck?

    The Industrial Lead
  5. Primavw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Curto
    How do those sun shades attach? And will the loco fit back in it's box with them on?
    You need to drill two holes per side with a #80 drill bit. They have pegs that will slide right in. Yes it will fit in the jewel case when they are attached :thumbs_up:
  6. logging loco's Avatar
    Looks really nice.
  7. Curto's Avatar
    How do those sun shades attach? And will the loco fit back in it's box with them on?
  8. Primavw's Avatar
    I also forgot to mention, and apparently can't edit this post: I plan on the lower left side of the layout to be complete with a "levee" and plan on building a stucture similar to the one at Mauch Chunk Lake's dam to simulate the water control that will allow the water to flow out of the bottom of the dam. I'll post more details when I get there...
  9. Primavw's Avatar
    min radius is about 12"... I am using flextrack so it gives me "flexibility". I am trying to keep all curves above 11". My layout is a 4.5'x8' L shape its about 3' deep on both sides
  10. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Nothing wrong with editing a track plan. My last 2 layouts started with no trackplans; just a vision of what I wanted. Most of my layout changes improved running, others by necessity. Your sweeeping, smooth flowing curves look great! What is your min rad? How big is this plan?
  11. TaeOH's Avatar
    I enjoyed watching.
  12. Stourbridge Lion's Avatar
    CONGRADS on the new addition to the family and may you and her find many years of enjoyment together; sharing the hobby that is!
    :D :D
  13. Primavw's Avatar
    Its fun, working from pics or going custom. I have painted graffiti on a few of my buildings and love how I can make it represent whatever I'm into, family members, etc. I don't mess with the decals... its more fun this way!
  14. MP333's Avatar
    I haven't been brave enough to apply graffiti to mine yet. I think maybe I should.
  15. Primavw's Avatar
    The biggest one with with the large tanks is model power which can be bought on ebay if you search "n scale oil", but I got them for a bit cheaper because I got them at a hobby shop...
  16. MP333's Avatar
    Are those tanks at the bottom center kits or scratch built?
  17. Switchman's Avatar
    I like your plato and mountain.
  18. MP333's Avatar
    Looking good! I think I'm going to try out one of those rock molds.