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  1. Leaps and Bounds: Pt 2

    And the sequel to my last blog entry. Will our hero continue to construct his layout or will the evil Dr. Laziness foil his plans?

    In my last installment, I shared a bunch of scratch-built structures. In this installment, I'm going to share a bit of the layout aspect. The last time I posted, my layout was a vast blue landscape (and frankly part of it still is).

    I added some rocky faces to the layout and painted them.

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  2. Viaduct insanity

    Part of my layout includes the mainline crossing over the yard elevated at about 3 inches. I decided to do a viaduct-to-tressle setup because I imagined it would be aesthetically pleasing. I will be canting the yard about 25 degrees from its current angle to its (most-likely) permanent position. The viaduct will cross above it somewhere near the front, sort of visually dividing the layout. One thing I want to accomplish with this layout is to use landscape and other means to obscure parts of the ...
  3. Roadbed and so on

    I have had some time off and used some of it to plug along on my layout. I've spent some time laying down WS risers as well as foam roadbed. Nothing spectacular, but my goal of documenting the progress of this layout continues...

    I have had to mentally change the plans of parts of my layout to accomodate ...
  4. First Time Loco Detailing

    I decided I wanted to expand on my modeling skills by tackling a Loco Detailing project. I recently purchased a trio of Kato SD70M's (2596, 2599, 2608). I went out and purchased a few BLMA parts and accesories and had at it.

    I started with #2596. The trio before:

    I began by painting the handrails and step sills. Then installed an Atlas MU hose, wipers, sunshades, and a cut lever. ...
  5. Laying Track

    I managed to start laying track. I have been chipping away at it every so often, but working third shifts are a roadblock. So far I'm about 50-70% with laying track. I used flex track for many of the turns but did rely on snaptrack at times.

    I've also run out of turnouts (only bought half because of Christmas), but will acquire them in due time.

    Unfortunately the best shot ...
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  6. Dirty track phase...

    I'm moving along now. With my baby due mid february I think I'm done with the construction phase. I'm back to cleaning dirty track (yuck). Just wanted to take a few minutes to show everyone what I've been up to since my ballast disaster.

    My little industrial park:

    "Outtatown" bridge

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  7. Now That Its Cold I Have No Excuse... (pics)

    So the temperature has dropped to my discomfort level here in Central Pa, and to be honest it gives me no excuse as to why I don't move along with things. However since the month has started I've tried to keep this project on the back burner. Christmas presents for others are taking precedent... not to mention bills.

    However, to my freaking sweet discovery I found an outstanding new Train Shop I've been drooling over. If only my wallet was fatter... they are English's Model Railroad ...

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