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  1. stewarttrains98's Avatar
    sounds really great, congrats on the DCC system purchase.
  2. friscobob's Avatar
    I'm not really sure, but I am aware that their 44-tonners made it to Paris. To stay faithful with the time period, I won't be using any 44-tonners (even though I have one), but I may run my Walthers H10-44 and BLI SW7. Now, in real life Frisco kept their FM switchers based in Tulsa, and they made trips to Enid, Okmulgee and Muskogee (all in Oklahoma). But, knowing the devious nature of folks in "Little Dixie (a/k/a southeastern Oklahoma), one of Beloit's finest machines may somehow stray well south of Okmulgee & wind up in the Hugo yard, where the local yardmaster will send it on to Paris.
  3. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Did Frisco use any SW or MP switchers in this locale during your chosen era?
  4. GP30's Avatar
    My wife and I got a 1300 sf ranch foreclosure at $52k and thought that was a steal. The Deptartment of the Interior only left me with a 9.5' x 4' room..... ouch!
  5. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Always good to have new digs. Sounds like you got a steal on that house. Good to hear you're doing well. Looking forward to the trackplan!
  6. MP333's Avatar
    That's a nice space Bob! Congratulations on the new home, what a steal!
  7. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    What a monster elevator!
  8. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    If my memory serves correctly, that DM&IR veteran was classed as an SD-M by the Missabe.
  9. MP333's Avatar
    I haven't seen any of the Gensets yet, thanks for posting one!
  10. fitz's Avatar
    Bob, that's railfanning in Oregon! Don't let that keep you away from the 4449 this weekend. You have probably noticed by now (maybe not, as we have had very few) that the TV weather people here often refer to "sunbreaks," a phenomenon new to us after living in the CA eternal sun desert for years.
  11. Joe Daddy's Avatar
    As a fellow road warrior, I find it easy to relate to you and your situation. You shoot the prototypes and I look at the hobby shops. I think it would be a good idea for me to start paying more attention to the prototypes too.

    May you have safe roads and smooth flights!

    Joe Daddy
  12. BoxcabE50's Avatar

    I pay so little attention to that company, I did not know this "nickname" was associated with their operations.

    Boxcab E50
  13. friscobob's Avatar

    Here's a teaser- westbound number 3, the Southwest Chief, departing the depot at Gallup, NM, its three P42s winding up. Pretty soon it'll be at 65 MPH once the last car clears the Third Street crossing. Behind it is one of the many shops that sell Indian curios (Navaho and Zuni are top sellers).
  14. friscobob's Avatar
    Ken: GoofyRail is a less-than-flattering nickname to Guilford Rail Systems, who now goes under the name PanAm Railways. New England railfans are almost unanimous in their dislike for Guilford/PanAm.

    I did get some Guilford shots, if only for their older EMDs and unrebuilt, unchopped Geeps.
  15. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Guilford is my guess..
  16. BoxcabE50's Avatar

    What is "GoofyRail?" Am curious. There must be a story here? Photos?


    Boxcab E50