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Tunnel Motor
April 12th, 2007, 03:15 PM

After looking carefully at Dale Sanders' great colorful book : Rio Grande : Scenic line of the world, I would like to acquire prototypical Nscale grain covered hoppers.

I recognize 4750 Cu. Ft. Rib-Sided 3-Bay Hopper produced by
Intermountain.This manufacturer offers a wide selection of paint schemes.
Here are the paint schemes I saw in Dale Sanders' book :
Rio Grande (orange) p.15
CNW (yellow) p.63 and 51
Rock Island (blue) p.63 and 51
Milwaukee (yellow) p.66

Tunnel Motor
April 12th, 2007, 03:21 PM
Burlington Northern (green)

Now I would like to know the markings of the plain grey 4750 Cu. Ft. Rib-Sided 3-Bay Hopper seen on page
page 15 (ADM ?)
Page 71

Would the following Intermountain versions suit a DRGW / SP layout in the 1992-1998 period on the Tennesse pass /Moffat routes ?

plain grey NAHX

plain grey PLCX

and pale pink Klemme Coop

Thanks for your contribution,


April 12th, 2007, 04:27 PM
Just about any railroad's or private company's covered hoppers could have been found at one time in a D&RGW mainfest that contained them.
That said, home road and connecting roads would be the most predominant.
During harvest season, there could be nearly any railroad and private company represented.

April 12th, 2007, 05:17 PM
Rod's correct. I could even imagine government of Canada cars on the Moffat...
There's almost no bounds as to what could be found on Moffat manifests. Well, North American cars, at least! ;)

April 13th, 2007, 11:13 PM
The Rio Grande orange hoppers like the Intermountain car often carried potash along with the gray CF4427 cars (Walthers). See my list below of HO models - yeah, I know you guys are squinty N scalers but the info there is still useful. I bought the original 8 numbers from Intermountain of the bright orange 3-bays.

As for the others, yes, I've seen both the green and yellow C&NW, and most of the others up there. BTW, if you noticed on the Alimosa branch over La Veta pass, you'll see Golden West, Staley, Cotton Belt among the covered hoppers. The left hand BN cars are post 1990's so if you do 1980's, avoid them.

Rio Grande HO models which are close/correct with dates purchased & main usage:

- Proto 2000 PS-2CD 4427 cuft high side 3-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW '67 & 3/68 barley & petroleum coke)
- Wathers 50' 4800 cuft 2 compartment airslide covered hopper (orange D&RGW 11/71), gray D&RGW-ends are slightly different, 8/69 sugar beats)
- Walthers PS-2CD 4427 cuft 3-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 1964 potash)
- Concor PS2 3-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 1959 cement)
- Athearn PS-2CD 4740 cuft 3-bay covered hopper (orange D&RGW 7/71 grain & minerals, gray was bogus)
- Athearn 52' ACF CF5250 3-bay covered hopper (orange large D&RGW 3/73 grain) incorrectly has the angle iron stiffener - alternative is to use Accurail's car and convert to 4-bays and replace roof walk with older style
- MDC FMC 4700 cuft 3-bay low hip 3-bay covered hopper (orange D&RGW 11/73 grain)
- Intermountain PS 4750 cuft 3-bay covered hopper (orange D&RGW '74,'79 wheat, barley, potash, perlite)
- Kadee PS2 2003 cuft 2-bay covered cement car (gray D&RGW 2/56 & 12/56 cement ) Atlas's model is a close stand-in
- Front Range ACF CF2980 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 7/77 cement) decorating by FR is wrong for this class car.
- Intermountain ACF CF2980 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 7/77 cement)
- KATO PS/GA 1958 cuft 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW 1946 & 5/49 cement) gray is on the dark side
- Bowser PS 1958 cuft 2-bay covered hopper (gray D&RGW)
- Eastern Car Works/Con-Cor/Walthers 2600 cuft single compartment Airslide

April 14th, 2007, 01:37 AM
Thanks for the detective work! Not all of us are N(ormal) scalers, a few are into that "horribly oversized" scale...:p;)