View Full Version : BM Time to wake up the Minute Man!

Jim Wiggin
February 6th, 2011, 01:50 PM
I know I'm not the only one at TB that loves the Boston and Maine and the New England railroading that goes with it. I have had the oppertunity these last few weeks to spend some time in my home state of NH and during this time I have done a lot of research, purchased a few books, joined the B&M Historical Society and taken a bunch of pictures. My goal was to get as much research done regarding the shape of the landscape, the track work and buildings found along the right of way so I could better duplicate the B&M on my home layout. In some cases, I spent a full day at a place, taking pictures as I went. In the coming months, I want to share this info with you and maybe in the process get some answers to new questions. Armed with a note pad, books, digital camera, Google maps and my trusty Railfan Jeep named Jess, I set out on one fun trip. This post is just a teaser! I'll be updating my blog with detailed information on each stop, covering the history, it's current state and some interesting modeling topics. I also want to post here and get some activity on here to help aid other modelers of the B&M.

You didn't think I would post without a picture did you? Here is probably the most photographed station on the B&M, North Conway. Now the headquarters for the Conway Scenic Railroad, the building was saved in the late 1960's from the wrecking ball and was beutifully restored to it's former glory. No running today but a former B&M 44 Tonner sits next to one of the B&M trademark Wig-Wag signal.

More to come.....